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Let's start 2024 with some incredible new collections from Milestone Tile + Armonie


The art of reinventing the stone effect, with a free spirit, a transversal, unusual and contemporary language. Atmosphere is a project of surfaces related in character, footprint and application areas, designed in color matching, enhance each other in combined laying.

Atmosphere is a project easily adaptable to everyday living and multiple living styles. Four sizes,120×120, 60×120, 60×60, 30×60, all rectified to emphasize the elegance of the mass-colored mixture, and five colors, from beige to dark gray.

The collection is available in 15 natural colourways:

Pro Silver, Pro Grey, Pro Deep Grey, Pro Ivory, Pro Beige, Gre Silver, Gre Grey, Gre Deep Grey, Gre Ivory, Gre Beige, Natural Silver, Natural Grey, Natural Deep Grey, Natural Ivory, Natural Beige


Classically timeless, the Marbles collection contains an array of five designer shades, sure to please even the most discerning interior designers. Boasting four attractive sizes including a gorgeous large format 24"x48".

Elegance and strength come together in this collection that draws inspiration from natural wood.

Silverline evokes the essence of oak, the prized wood with timeless appeal.

Thanks to its versatility Silverline meets the diverse needs of contemporary architecture with possibilities for application in outdoor spaces as well.


The collection is available in 4 natural colourways:

Miele, Nocciola, Tortora, Avorio


Prati, crafted to elevate spaces with the exquisite essence of the finest marble, evokes a sense of grace and sophistication. This collection elevates the marble aesthetic with harmonious purity, capturing expressive strength and poetic elegance to instill a sense of balance in its surroundings


The collection is available in 4 natural colourways:


Borghini Warm

Macchia Vecchia

Breccia Gray

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