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KERDI BOARD-SC is a prefabricated shower curb made of KERDI-BOARD that is designed to integrate with the Schluter - Shower System. The curb is lightweight, stable, and load bearing. It can be used in conjunction with the KERDI-SHOWER prefabricated shower trays as well as in mortar bed applications. KERDI-BOARD-SC is quick and easy to install, waterproof and ready to tile, making it a simple solution for tiled shower curbs.

SCHLUTER KERDI Board-SC Shower Curbs

$64.24 Regular Price
$56.53Sale Price
    • Designed to integrate with the SCHLUTER-Shower System
    • Lightweight, stable, and load bearing
    • Waterproof and ready to tile
    • Multiple curbs can be installed adjacent to each other for larger showers
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Available in three sizes
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