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NXT LEVEL DL (Decorative Leveler) is a polishable cement-based, high quality, fast drying, self-leveling, monolithic, interior wear surface topping that can be accented with a wide variety of coloring systems & finishes. Can be pigmented to custom colors through our AnyColor program.

Designed for use as a durable and attractive interior wear surface topping. 



Packaging Sizes:


  • 55LB (24.9KG) BAG / 56 per pallet 
    Part: 0907-0055-21
  • 2200LB (1000KG) SACK / 18 per truck 
    Part: 0907-2200-21



    • Available in standard colors of Grey and White
    • Can be tinted to coordinate with interior finishes or branding designs through our– AnyColor custom color program
    • Full system availability with L&M and STONETECH products
    • Provides a durable, attractive and low maintenance cementitious wear-surface grade concrete overlayment, suitable for polishing to various shine levels  
    • Self-leveling concrete overlayment formula is both pourable and pumpable (available in 50 lb. bags and 2200 lb. super sacks) to smooth existing rough concrete
    • Inorganic; will not contribute to mold/mildew growth
    • Can be installed from a 1/4" to 1-1/4"
    • Superior compressive strength formulation
    • Direct replacement for DRYTEK LEVELEX DL
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