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The STRATA_HEAT Smart LCD Thermostat is dual voltage 120V/240V Wi-Fi controlled touch screen radiant heat thermostat that is both easy to install and to use. It features a capacitive, full-color touch screen that provides an experience to your smart device of choice. A full cycle of programming that can be done directly through the radiant heat thermostat or through the MY STRATA_HEAT APP.




SKU: 0804-0404-TW
    • 120v /240v compatibility
    • Single step set-up through QR code
    • High resolution capacitive LCD touch screen radiant heat thermostat
    • Customizable interface
    • Reduced Wi-Fi load pull
    • Smart home thermostat that works with Google Home, Alexa and other automation apps 
    • Uses smartphone GPS location services
    • Built in Ground Fault Control (GFC)
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