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Schluter-DITRA is a polyethylene uncoupling mat designed to reduce breakage and stresses on a tile. It is laid over the substrate before tile installation and consists of a grid structure specifically designed to spread focused stresses over a much greater area. This, combined with the allowance of in-plane movement due to its open-rib molding structure, allows Schluter-DITRA to significantly extend the life of your tile. Product Features Open-Rib Structure The open-rib structure of Schluter-DITRA allows for in-plane movement between the tile and the substrate. This effectively neutralizes stress between the two, eliminating a major cause of breakage and delamination. Designed for Load Distribution Schluter-DITRA provides load distribution for its entire installed area, spreading the stresses of a single weight source on the tile over a wide area. This further assists in preventing the breakage of the tile.

SCHLUTER DITRA 30M 1/8" Underlayment 323 sq ft Roll - 9 Rolls

$5,431.77 Regular Price
$4,345.42Sale Price
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