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Schluter-DITRA-HEAT is a modern, advanced under-tile floor heating system. A significant refinement on the underfloor heating systems from the last decade, it is thinner, easier to install, and is entirely waterproof. This is a roll of the uncoupling membrane used in the new DITRA-HEAT system. The DITRA-HEAT membrane not only serves as the perfect inlay for DITRA-HEAT heating wire, it also performs the tile-uncoupling functions of other underfloor DITRA membranes. This results in less tile breakage, eliminates Grout problems, and makes replacing any tiles that do happen to break a trivial process. Product Features Tile Uncoupling Functionality Schluter-DITRA-HEAT membranes carry over all the functionality of Schluter-DITRA uncoupling membranes. The membrane functions as a flexible layer between your tile and the rigid subfloor underneath it, significantly reducing tile breakage and eliminating Grout problems.

SCHLUTER DITRA Heat Uncoupling Membrane - DH512M

$383.82 Regular Price
$307.06Sale Price
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