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The DITRA-Heat-Kit is an all-inclusive package containing the components needed to create a heated floor under tile. The components included in the kit are DITRA-Heat or DITRA DUO membrane, heating cable, and a touchscreen programmable or WIFI thermostat. The DITRA-Heat system allows for customized heating zones and is ideal for any room in the home.


Kit includes:

  • Sheets of DITRA Heat or DITRA DUO membrane (by your choice) to cover needed square footage.
  • 1 x 120-Volt or 240-Volt heating cable (by your choice) to cover needed square footage.
  • 1 x white touchscreen programmable or WiFi programmable thermostat. Programmable touchscreen thermostat features 6 programming periods per day, set-up wizard and energy log.

SCHLUTER DITRA Radiant Floor Heating Kit, Programmable Thermostat Membrane Cable

$552.41 Regular Price
$441.93Sale Price
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