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The DITRA-Heat-Kit is an all-inclusive package containing the components needed to create a heated floor under tile. The components included in the kit are DITRA-Heat or DITRA DUO membrane, heating cable, and a touchscreen programmable thermostat. The DITRA-Heat system allows for customized heating zones and is ideal for any room in the home.


Kit includes:


  • Sheets of DITRA Heat or DITRA DUO membrane (by your choice) to cover needed square footage.
  • 1 x 120-Volt or 240-Volt heating cable (by your choice) to cover needed square footage.
  • 1 x white touchscreen programmable or WiFi programmable thermostar. Programmable touchscreen thermostat features 6 programming periods per day, set-up wizard and energy log.
  • Safety Installation Tools - Nuheat MatSense Pro electric fault indicator (loudmouth monitor) sounds an alarm if the heating wire is cut or damaged, identifying a problem with the installation before the heating wire is tiled over. SunTouch plastic 3/8" x 1/2" U-notch cable trowel is designed specifically for heat cables installation and eliminates the risk of damaging the heating cable while applying mortar.

SCHLUTER DITRA Radiant Floor Heating kit with Programmable Thermostat, Membrane

$541.85 Regular Price
$433.48Sale Price
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