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Schluter KERDI-SEAL-PS / - MV prefabricated seals are cut sections of the Schluter - KERDI waterproofing membrane designed to seal protrusions through the Schluter - KERDI or Schluter - DITRA/DITRA-XL, as well as Schluter - KERDI-BOARD building panels. Schluter - KERDI-SEAL-PS and -MV feature overmolded ubber gaskets and are used to seal pipe protrusions and protect moisture-sensitive solid backing panels at the mixing valve.


Schluter KERDI Mixing Valve Seal 4-1/2" together with Schluter KERDI Pipe Seal 1/2" In One Easy Bundle

SCHLUTER KERDI Seal Bundle | SCHLUTER KERDI Mixing Valve Seal and Pipe Seal

SKU: KMS185-12/MV235-114
    • Preformed seals made of KERDI
    • Ensures a fully water-tight seal preventing leaks and mold growth
    • 4-mil thickness minimizes build-up
    • Protects exposed edges of moisture-sensitive backing panels
    • Seals tightly to pipe penetrations
    • Part of the SCHLUTER-Shower System family of products
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