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A one-step polymer-fortified blend of raw materials, Portland cement, and graded aggregates.



  • No need for latex admix 
  • Add water for a thick bed mortar or render 
  • No need for job site measuring and mixing of sand and cement 
  • Polymer fortified – no need for latex additives 
  • Superior compressive strengths (5000 psi/34.5 MPa) 
  • An alternative to 3701 Mortar Admix combined with 226 Thick Bed Mortar



60 lb (27.2 kg) bag; 56 bags per pallet 2000 lb. (907 kg)



Mixing ratios vary depending on installation method. Please refer to DS-100.0.


SKU: 0229-0060-21
    • Polymer fortified – no need for latex additives
    • Premixed – no job site blending of powders required
    • Economical – saves time and money
    • High strength formula
    • Pumpable for large scale veneer projects
    • Exceeds ASTM C270 requirements
    • For use as a scratch or finish coat in place of Type S or Type N mortar
    • Excellent for ramping and pitching - can be used in a bonded mortar bed assembly with a slurry bond coat of 254 Platinum thinset down to a feather edge
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